Water Treatment Systems

The experienced and knowledgeable engineers and water specialists at Tasneem Water Treatment Co LLC . can custom design complete integrated water treatment systems based on the specifications of the client. From feed water source to product water distribution and building specifications, the staff at Tasneem Water Treatment Co LLC . can ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your custom or industry standard water treatment systems . Applications include brackish and surface water treatment systems and seawater desalination for industrial or commercial water uses. Other systems include reverse osmosis, membranes, water softener systems, membrane bioreactors (MBR), nanofiltration and ultrafiltration systems.

Our Tasneem Water Treatment Co LLC . line ranges from basic water softeners to custom designed water treatment systems that solve a number of water treatment quality issues. We take pride in our ability to respond to our customers' requirements and problems quickly, personally and courteously. As a premier supplier of commercial and industrial water treatment systems , we have over 25 years combined experience in the water treatment industry.